• To lose weight and be fit requires both healthy eating and exercise. My goal here is to help you to find the combination of diet and exercise that works best for you.


    Diet programs chosen are those that don't require the purchase of special food. Rather, these programs educate you on a better and healthier way of eating, using everyday foods. Fad diets don't work in the long run. Oh, they may help you to lose some weight initially but when the diet is finished, it's easy to return to old eating habits and the weight piles right back on. Learning a new way of eating helps you to lose weight and keep it off.

    The second key to weight loss is regular exercise. Exercise doesn't have to be gruelling. Start with short workouts and gradually increase the time spent on your exercise routine and the effort that you put out. Choose a form of exercise that you either enjoy or can learn to enjoy. If you don't have a gym membership you can exercise in your own home, with or without home exercise equipment. Walking is also a very good form of exercise. A walk a day can do wonders.

    In reviewing home exercise equipment, there were several "musts" that I was looking for. The first of these is affordability so I chose $250.00 as the maximum price for a piece of exercise equipment. Not everyone can afford to have a mini-gym in their home. The next criteria, and really more important than the first, was that the equipment be fun to use. Fun doesn't mean easy...if it was easy it wouldn't be exercise. Fun means easy to understand and easy to use...something you can get the hang of easily and will actually use!

    Other diet and fitness aids are also covered: Diet and fitness books, diet and fitness DVDs, diet and fitness video games, and kitchen scales to help you with your portion control.

    My own goal this year is to lose 50 pounds. I'll let you know how that goes. I'd also appreciate feedback from you on your progress and which items helped you the most.

    Best Diet Plans

    The 3 Week Diet - Very easy to follow, this plan teaches eating in 100 calorie portions with a total limit for the day. No food is forbidden so one quickly learns to recognize the calorie content in all types of food, e.g. green beans as opposed to chocolate, when the size of the portion (by 100 calories) is in front of them. The program includes a guide to portion size (=100 calories) to many different foods, including restaurant foods. I recommend this one because it educates about food, doesn't use special "diet food", and is an easy system to remember and therefore to actually use. The Brian Flatt 3 Week Diet system reviews will help you understand about the system in more detail.


    The E-Factor Diet - Starts with a goal of "lose up to 50 pounds in 90 days". We all know that goal setting is the very first step to successful weight loss. So, to begin with that end in mind is clearly a good starting point. This program promotes understanding and regulating the hormone in your body that regulates your appetite by signaling to your brain to tell it if you are full or hungry. This one I recommend because it educates about your body in relation to food, doesn't use special "diet food", and helps you work towards a goal. 

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